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Why self discovery?

Hello lovelies,

I decided to choose this topic for our first discussion because of it's importance. Self discovery is crucial to help us figure out those things we are passionate about, what keeps us going when everything seems so gloomy? and for us to determine the things we derive inner happiness from.

Most importantly, we need to embark on a self discovery journey to ensure everything we engage in are pursued with high sincerity.

So guys, let us share tips on how to best embark on this journey. What have you done? what did you read about it?

Self discovery is crucial toward capacity development of human beings and we would focus on this segment of a thing to develop our capacities.

  I totally agree with you guys.

 Self discovery is no doubt, one of the most important principles for anyone to succeed. Because, it enables us channel our resources in the right directions and maximize our potential. Just like a farmer is able to maximise output, by adequate knowledge of his various crops and given each its requirements; similarly when we truly know ourselves, we recognize what truly works for us. 

Knowing ourselves will enable us to identify our strengths and weaknesses and capitalize on the former. 

 I believe  meditation and honesty  are key to self discovery.  Take a break out of the  hustle and bustle of life, breathe deep and connect with yourself👌. Be honest with yourself, and pen down everything. Ask yourself questions like "who am I", "what is/ are the things that really matter to me", "where am I?", "why am I here?", "where am I going? ", "why do I wanna be there?", "how do I get there?" etc. It's like digging deep inside yourself 😁.

Writing is what works for me so I'll definitely  recommend it to anyone👌. However we are all Unique, hence something else might work for you 🙂.



  Writing also work for me.

However, I get my book messed up all the time with different topics not related to each other.

Can you please share tips on how you keep your book organized?