Honour your pace and path

In this era, it’s common to hear stuff like; everyone is doing this, why am I not doing it, or everyone is moving fast, and I’m still behind. Sometimes, it’s the people we surround ourselves with that makes us fall into the pits of comparison, because of their chosen lifestyle.

You do not need to keep up with the lives of celebrities, and the internet sensations called influencers. It’s okay to look up people’s lives for motivation like; I’ll like to kinda get to that position. What is not okay is losing your peace and contentment thinking the person is living a better life than you.

You see, in life, we have our different races and different paths to success. Someone’s talent and strength could be your own weakness, so pointlessly comparing yourself with someone will damage your strength because you won’t have the needed time to actually figure out your best self and live it.

True fulfilment is not about “getting-there-faster”. It’s about letting our lives to naturally evolve instead of trying to reshape who we are, or asserting our expectations, and goals based on others expectations and believe.

Because, what the world proclaim as right is not always right. The pace they are moving, the paths they are following is not a measurable standard. Remember, one cap does not fit all heads, so does one idea and path is not suitable for all lives. Even the prophets and companions had different strengths and they all honoured their paths and they still achieved success. 

If we understand that trying to live other people’s means we won’t take the time to discover the special purpose of our own existence, and working towards achieving our purpose, we won’t have other choice than to discover ours and live it.

Note: More money, more friends, more luxuries does not equal happiness. So please, stop yearning for the lives of people with all the world’s property thinking they have got all the happiness, because happiness really comes from being content with what you have.

It’s okay, in fact, encouraged to try every day to earn better and aim for a better life. What’s not okay is running to catch up with others. You can’t be like the person on the internet because the person on the internet isn’t even the person on the internet (read that again). This is a quote I learnt from a lecture earlier this year and it is so true. We want to be like someone, but the person isn’t what they show us, so we can’t possibly be like them because they are still unknown. Honour your pace and paths and live a life of contentment.

How to stop comparing yourself with others

  • Understand that we all have different strengths and weaknesses
  • Take time to figure your own strengths and work on improving them daily. That will leave you with little or no time to compare
  • Try to be conscious and aware of when you start thinking of comparison, then stop yourself from going further and engage in meaningful tasks. 
  • Reach out to others, appreciate the things and people you have.

And do not knock others down by criticizing them, just to make yourself feel good, it’s destructive.


Life is a journey not a competition, focus on your goals and aspirations, they have nothing to do with how others are moving or their chosen path. So love, live, care without comparison, for comparison brings hatred and jealousy.