Worrying too much?

Hey there!

Why do you worry too much on what’s to come?, why stress too much about things of the past?

You simply do not have the power to change what has happened, neither do you have power over what’s to come

All you have now is the “present”. Do you spend the moment lamenting over what’s beyond your control, or spend the time acting and doing your best to utilize the moment you have now?

I know, it’s easy to just type or send in a message than it is to act upon it.

But, you can just try your best to live in the moment, sincerely.

Seek the pleasure of the Almighty and leave all your affairs to his able care. He will never let you down.

I hope you go forth with your life trusting the Almighty and understanding that everything happen according to his plan. He loves you and you beloved to him.