Importance of goal setting

So it’s a new day, maybe month or even year and the mind is racing through tons of goals, plans and projects it hopes to start, implement or achieve. But like every passed days, months, or year, it does not know the best approach to achieve these goals; there is a high chance that these goals might also be left underachieved like the other dead ones.

Suddenly something stumbled upon it; why are these goals not being set at least to relieve me off too much burden. Maybe write it down, analyse them and choose the most important ones to focus on for the time (Imagine the mind speaking out)

Ever wondered what goal setting does to the mind, body and soul? Physical health and mental well-being benefit from goal setting and productivity level increase unimaginably.

Below are five major reasons you should set goals

1.  Road map for success; The number one most important reason to set goal is that it gives a road map for success. SMART goal points out the beginning and end of a task and help has analyse what to be done for a goal to be achieved. Just like we won’t visit a new city or town without map because of fear of wandering blindly without destination, it is not smart to dream of a goal without setting it properly. Goal setting helps work out what we really want and also figure out skills needed to achieve the set goals.

2. Focus; Imagine having to play football without a goal post?, where will you target to hit?, what will be the point of even being on the pitch in the first time? It’s just amount to a waste of energy and time. Similarly, having a goal in mind without really setting it and keeping focus of it will drain us off energy without having achieved anything in reality. Having all potential, creativity without having a focus is a waste of time. Focus gives a sense of direction to the mind to aim for.

3. Progress Tracking + Motivation to keep going; Setting goals with focus helps track progress, know what has been achieved, what is yet to be achieved and help us to realign our purpose. For example, if my goal is to read 10 books in a month and at the end of the second week I complete 6 books, I know there is a very high chance of achieving my reading goal which keeps me going. In contrast, if I do not have a goal for the amount of books I want to read, completing 3 books a month might seem like a big deal. Goal setting instill hope and confidence.

4. Drive away distractions; Setting goals help one keep off distractions and unnecessary acts. For instance, if I set a goal to memorize some chapters within 2 weeks, I know going out for weekend party with friends will distract me and hinder me from achieving those goals, so I simply drive it away and stay true to my goals.

5. Consistency; Setting goals helps one achieve one most needed skill in life; consistency. Consistency is a skill that if implemented sincerely in all dealings will help one achieve success. Imagine you can succeed in that business, get that job, write that book, loose/gain that weight, travel to that mind blowing place if you can create a tiny habit of spending an hour daily doing what will bring you closer to achieving that goal. What if there is no goals to work towards? No consistency to work on.

Goal setting is a skill that we all need to learn in our lives to enhance productivity and happiness.

Looking for the best way to set goals?……………….Journaling.