How to discover self

So, it’s time to get started with the journey.

This phase will be more practical, because it’s time for you to embark on that self discovery journey.

Here are some questions you should try answering on the journey  

What do you keep doing when everything seems gloomy and all missions seems impossible?

What makes you continue your day after praying Fajr?

Visualize how a perfect day looks for; This will help you identify your hobbies and things you flow with.

What are the things that you regret that you did not do? Would you do it if you can turn back time?; So, start now and do those things.

Before you go further with the plan of your discovered self; ask these simple questions

Is what I’m doing really fair?

What is the meaning and purpose of my actions?

What do I sacrifice?

What are the potential consequences?

Who could suffer from it?’)

Again, There is no one formula for every one, read/learn from others, but make sure to carve your own formula and every thing will work out fully fine by the grace of Allah (SWT).

Remember, we are caliphs, we are to serve and take care of others regardless of our chosen field and our success metrics should be something that will please Allah; do not blindly follow the world’s prescription of success

Also, who are your role model on this journey?; Research about sahabas and the greatest scholars, see which best suit your newly discovered self and try to follow them sincerely .

What can help with the self discovery journey

Meditate and spend time to yourself; stay far away from distractions, reconnect with yourself and build a house in your heart. This will help you discover your true without external influence.

Write down everything coming to mind; As you meditate, be with your best friend (a book) where you write down all thoughts as they come to your mind. Do a great job to analyse those writings after.

Go back and connect; After analyzing yourself and building that home within your heart, start reaching out to the group, community you feel yourself connected to; those you want to serve. But do depend on yourself and very less if at all on others

Seek out your passion;  those things worthy of your sacrifice, time, money

Last but important key to keep: Not everyone will like you if you are not an hypocrite so, learn to stay true to yourself and serve well your chosen community.