The different ways of establishing deen

After understanding the Importance of self discovery, it’s time for us to explore examples of some awesome self discovery paths.

Self discovery should revolve around our very purpose of existence: to seek Allah’s pleasure and be the best Ambassadors of Islam. Our purpose in life is simple “to establish deen in ourselves and others”.

Deen in this manner does not just refer to prayers. Deen emcompasses our lifestyle from Praying, character building, our relationship with others, charity, productivity, modesty and other commands of Allah (SWT); the list is endless.

Having identified/understood what deen is, the next thing is to identify what you love to do (things that bring you inner happiness),remembering that pleasing Allah should be the core of them all; how you can use that to bring yourself closer to Allah and you can also help others.

Do not fret here because everyone is blessed with different abilities in different aspects in life.

Some have been blessed with the ability to turn opportunities into wealth, and by that they can help others reach their goal through financial help (just like our beloved Abdul Rahman Ibn Awf). Some are blessed with abilities to read/listen to lengthy materials and share the summaries with others. You could derive happiness from working in a hospital, doing research to help others, or do you naturally thrives on the development of others?

Your own way to establish deen could be through writing or sharing reflections in your life that could possibly help someone out there, establishing a court to ensure justice, studying accounting to help others manage their finances etc.

Recommendation; Check Quran weekly on youtube to learn more about the lives of the best generation and how you can emulate them while discovering yourself.

Haven given those examples of deen establishment, the next phase is for you to really understand yourself and identify which category you fall in so you can truly do something that gives you inner satisfaction and not get moved (swayed) by other’s personality. When you understand that we all are different (unique) from other people we will learn to appreciate Allah SWT greatness.

The next post will describe how we can successfully embark on the journey; putting Allah in the core of all we do.

Remember; Do something you are happy with. Enjoy doing something beneficial to you and those you closely serve, happiness should come from within, not from people’s perspective because you have the control of your happiness.